the "Book Forest"

The project

Book forest - The first public bookcase in Berlin

Project duration

01. November 2006 - 30. June 2008


Apprentices of the occupational group of the value chain forest-wood-book
Apprentices of forestry, Revierförsterei Eichkamp, Berlin
Apprentices of carpentry, GFBM e.V., Berlin
Apprentices of cabinetmaking, BAUFACHFRAU Berlin e.V., Berlin
Apprentices of media technology, vocational school of the AUCOTEAM Ltd., Berlin
Apprentices of the vocational college of print and media technology,
Ernst-Litfaß-School, Berlin
Apprentices of the book trade, Thalia Bookstore, Berlin

in Kooperation mit

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mit freundlicher Unterstützung

Logos Projektförderung

Project team BAUFACHFRAU Berlin e.V.:

Dipl. Ing. Edith Stoll, Dipl. Ing. Renate Boje, Dipl. Ing. Ilka Holtorf, Dipl. Ing. Jutta Ziegler, Monika Linder, wood work technician

Project target

Within the program ‚Research for Sustainable Forestry’ promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research the cross section project ‘Bi-FONA-Wald’ is carried out by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training. It takes place in Berlin/Brandenburg. The Book Forest is part of the overall project ‚Modellregion Berliner Wald und Holz’.

The Book Forest contributes to sustainable vocational education and deals with the value chain forest-wood-book. It was developed and realised by BAUFACHFRAU Berlin e.V. as an interdisciplinary, project orientated cooperation of apprentices of forestry, carpentry, cabinetmaking, media design, printing and bookselling.

The project adopts the idea of putting up a bookcase in a public space, in which people could release their used books to be picked up by others. This way of free dissemination, called ‚bookcrossing’, is by now a worldwide movement organised in a central database ( Registration of books enables following their travels through the world and communication about the books.

Project steps

The project schedule was divided into the development and the construction phase.

Development phase:
• occupational events in the respective apprenticing companies
• project presentations at public events, the Berlin Book Festival 2007, the trade fair for education and training Didacta 2007, the Bautec 2008 and the Long Night of the Sciences 2008

Construction phase:
• felling off the trees
• treating of the logs
• manufacturing of the shelves
• erection and montage

All actions were documented and the participants designed the information material, such as flyers, website and video clip.


The project was awarded as official project of the UN-Decade 2008/ 2009 ‚Education for Sustainable Development’.

Das Projekt wurde gefördert im Rahmen der Modelregion Berliner Wald und Holz II

Logos Projektförderung

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